2017 Event Details

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We are honored to host the

Inaugural Zenith Award.

2017 Event Details

2017 Annual Grand National Meet

Silverstein Eye Centers Arena

19100 East Valley View Parkway

Independence, MO 64055


This page was updated May 3, 2017

AACA–KC Region members are looking forward to hosting the Annual Grand National Meet this coming June. We will have a team of members ready to assist you in parking your trailer on one of two paved lots at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena.

  1. 1.When driving to the Eye Centers Arena take the Little Blue Parkway (Exit 17) from either west or east bound I-70. Go south and turn west (right) at Valley View Parkway. You will arrive at the entrance to the Meet in about a half mile. This will be the west entrance near Costco. Do not enter near the Golden Corral. If there is a line please stay in the right lane to avoid congestion.

  2. 2.As soon as you enter the west Eye Centers drive you will see a Trailer Registration canopy welcome tent. Trailer parking workers will be there to assist you and give you parking directions.

  3. 3.You will be given a small sticker to write your cell phone number and then place on your trailer.   This will help us maintain security for your trailer and contact you if necessary.

  4. 4.Parking is on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please arrive early to assure you have a place to park. There is also very limited trailer parking at nearby hotels and businesses but no security will be provided there.

  5. 5.If you are a Zenith Award candidate please advise the workers at the welcome tent so we can direct you to a special area reserved for you near the service entrance to the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena. This will expedite taking your vehicle to the show area inside.

  6. 6.Bring a lock for your trailer hitch for added security.

  7. 7.To save space for as many trailers as possible, we will appreciate you keeping your tow vehicle with you.

  8. 8.Due to limited parking area and night security we ask for no RV parking.  There are no electrical hookups or dumping stations.  The parking area is off limits at night when security personnel are on site.  This is for the benefit and security of all the trailered show cars.  Also note the host hotel is approximately a 2 mile drive from the parking and show field area.

  9. 9.Please check our “RV Facilities” page for nearby parks.

  10. 10.The parking lot for trailers will open Wednesday afternoon June 14, at 3:00 PM.  If you are arriving on Tuesday or earlier in the day Wednesday please do not park anywhere at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena.  There are other events and activities going on.

Please check this link often as we will be adding updates or new information right up to the week of the Meet.

Jerry Young
Trailer Parking Coordinator


cell: 816-392-0713